Solo Albums

Under The Olive Tree

2003 Magda Records


2003 Magda Records

In The Shallows

2002 Simulacra Records

In Between The Heartbeat

1998 Simulacra Records


1990 Monreo Institute, Meta-Music Series

Albums with Others


Michael Ben Gait, 2003 At Peace Records (performer)

Inner Knowledge

Shuki Levi, 2001 Arpeggio Records (producer)

One Light

Various Artists, 2000 Dreamcastle productions (producer/arranger)

One Truth

Omar Faruk Tekbilek, 1999 Worldclass Records (producer/arranger/co writer)


– The Musical Saga, 1997 Hed Artzi Records (producer)

Rosary Mysteries

1993 RUAH Records (conductor)

Gregorian Rosary

1991 RUAH Records (arranger/conductor)