“The Voyage of Life” Series by Thomas Cole 1842 – The “Guardian Angel” has been recast to play the role of the “subconscious” for the purposes of this site.

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy. - Sigmund Freud


The purpose of this site is to present the dreams of one person so that people who wish to interpret their own dreams can follow the technique presented and learn to understand the symbolic nature disguised in what sometimes appears to be meaningless, incomprehensible chaos and gibberish. Because much of the metaphorical imagery depicted in dreams is universal there is scientific support for this method of teaching dream interpretation: This excerpt is taken from the book  “The Neurobiology of the Gods” by Erik d. Goodwyn:  “because of the range of possibilities permitted by the metaphor system, one person’s dreams can have powerful meanings for other people. Other people’s dreams hold for us the same fascination as myth and literature – a potential vehicle for finding meaning in our own lives. It is the operation of the metaphor system that allows such possibility.”  Read more…


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Dream : War of the Worlds – Fear – Rage – Suicide – Rebirth – Transformation

I let 5 days go by before I entered into computer and attempted to interpret – this is definitely something I don’t want to think about or drag out into the open... Aliens attack and start wiping out the population indiscriminately. They are killing people all around me– lot of fear - everyone is in full flight mode – there is no way to resist them – they were going at us with the same voracity which most humans kill cockroaches or ants when they infest or overrun the kitchen. I keep running

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The (Fixed) Race – Dream about Corrupt Ex-Employer – Sociopathic Boss

I was laying string down on the ground with little orange tags on them. The string was coming from a garage and being laid on a freshly paved road which went up a hill. There was supposed to be some type of event – but I wasn’t sure how it was to be conducted. There were orange traffic cones along the route. Then a team of people show up...

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Why Do We Dream? – From A Teleological Prospective

 Why Do We Dream?


When many people have a dream, they think someone else should tell them what it means, as if the dream is not related to their own life. But need it be someone else?  Is that even desirable? If it is indeed true that dreams come […]

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Marijuana vs. The World of Precision

This dream pertains to my life getting out of control through the use of drugs and alcohol. Dream: I am in this very high precision type of hi-tech world – no errors are made. I am riding on something like a “Sedgwick” but instead of rolling it flies. I am constructing some complex structure – cables fire from guns...

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The Beautiful White Fish – Dream of Grief – Loss of Love

The Beautiful White Fish
There is a beautiful brilliant white fish trapped in a bucket it had many flowing silk like fins and was very graceful as it swam – it was in imminent grave danger and I have try to get it out of the bucket to save it. […]

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